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Inara Otomere – owner. A master's degree in agronomy horticulture working with industry professionals. With long-standing experience in horticulture, landscape architecture. There is a wealth of experience working in international company, formation and composition of floral design.

Landscape greenery has been at different objects for individuals, businesses, municipalities and public authorities.

According to the customer needs and natural reconciliation, we will help you in harmony upgrade the garden.

  • Advice agronomy and horticulture
  • Garden design and landscape architecture
  • Improvement of the territory and planting
  • Winter garden design and maintenance
  • Fruit tree crown design effective harvest
  • Cascade and an automatic watering system creation of artificial ponds and fountains
  • Small architectural forms and outdoor lighting
  • Bee-keeping services, apiary placement in your garden and own fresh honey
  • Houseplants composition establishment and maintenance of Corporate actions processing
  • Floral - Wedding decorations, Christmas decorations, funeral decoration

For more information on horticulture, ask @contacts, we will answer.


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